The Team

Louise Chappell

Hello, my name is Louise and I love to teach and perform on lots of different instruments.

My favourite music is songs from musicals, but I also love classical and rock music!

I play clarinet, saxophone and flute in lots of shows and I love having to quickly change between all three. I also spend time playing clarinet in orchestras and playing piano with the children that I teach.

In my spare time I like making useful things and doing lots of arts and crafts. I am also on the mission of creating the perfect gluten free chocolate cake!

Liliana Luongo

Hi, my name is Liliana and I love performing and being creative.

I’m into all kinds of music from classical to R&B and love recording and experimenting with unusual instruments.

I play and teach clarinet, saxophone and violin in London, and I can often be found dancing around and singing whilst taking workshops with adults and children of all ages.

I also really love art and I regularly design album covers for musicians in London. I’m also into cooking and I love to cook food from all over the world!